Who is GPM?

A pioneer in injection molded polyurethane manufacturing. 
Protecting the environment. Improving how we live. 

Do more with Green Polymeric Materials

Green Polymeric Materials, Inc. manufactures and supplies high-performance polyurethane recycled rubber based components and materials for the automotive, appliance, aerospace, and heavy transportation industries. We have shipped over 100 million parts world-wide for use in over 50 platforms for Ford, GM, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes, and BMW.

Improve Products

GPM designs and produces components & materials that have superior performance properties, reduced weight, and are cost effective. 

Optimize The Process

GPM parts and materials help reduce part cost and optimize application design through elimination of assembly operations and part integration.

Go Green

Our parts and materials are responsibly manufactured using upwards
of 35% recycled and Soy Bio-renewable content.

GPM is now an MMSDC Certified Minority Business Enterprise

Green Polymeric Materials, Inc. is proud to be an MMSDC Certified Minority Business Enterprise. To view our certificate, please click here

2015 UTECH Polyurethane Automotive and Sustainability Conference

Green Polymeric Materials, Inc. had the honor of presenting at the 2015 UTECH Polyurethane Automotive and Sustainability Conference. To download and view our presentation, please click here

Over 1 Million tires eliminated from landfills.

Our commitment to both the environment and technological improvements has led to the development of Foamed Polyurethane Parts made out of 25% recycled tire rubber. These products have enhanced performance properties, significantly increased durability characteristics, are lighter in weight, require less energy to manufacture, and have repurposed over 1 million rubber tires and saved them from landfills.

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